Renaud Palvadeau

Algorithmic Trading


Hello, I am Renaud Palvadeau, senior developer focused on the finance industry.

Currently in position, I intend this resume to present myself and my career achievements at present.

Basic Information

  • Location:

    London, UK

  • Date of Birth:

    5 March, 1984

  • Place of Birth:

    Paris, France

  • Languages:

    English, French, German

  • Gender:


Work Experience

September 2021 -

September 2015 -
August 2021
IT Strategist /

I was in charge of developing C++ or Python automatons trading equities, derivatives or currencies in Asian markets. As part of the Strategist team I also supported the trading environment by handling incidents and constantly improving the platform.

My focus was predominately on currency trading with my largest projects being:
  • Developing a strategy operating in a foreign and emerging market, while navigating latency challenges,
  • Developing a multi-currency strategy realized 100% in Python,
  • Developing a monitor to handle PnL movements in realtime and by instrument,
  • Building a tool to optimize the CPU cache allocation.
September 2011 -
August 2015
Head of North America HPC & Low Latency Architecture /
My role was to manage the school of servers used for market making and research. I was responsible for:
  • Keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies and establishing contact with vendors to find alternative hardware and/or operating systems,
  • Testing new products in lab to benchmark stability and performance,
  • Once validated, delivering new servers / softwares in production in an automated way.

My major achievements included the synchronization of all Linux servers to GPS using PTP, the creation of a Web platform to manage network appliances, and the installation of a modern research cluster with shared storage.

September 2008 -
August 2011
Linux Engineer /

I was part of a team managing 1500 servers of various usages, where I was in charge of building and maintaining them. The role also included R&D to improve low-latency trading servers performance. Therefore I deployed and tuned the first Linux realtime kernel in the company and bench-marked a number of high-speed network cards (kernel by-pass).


EPITA - Master's Degree System, Network, Security (France) /
2002 - 2008

School of Engineering & Computer Science

Cologne University of Applied Sciences (Germany) /
2005 - 2006


Quantitative analyse
HPC technologies

Contact Information

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    London, UK